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Awaken Your Intuition

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Learn the fundamentals of love, faith, gratitude & forgiveness through
A Heart-Centered Coaching Certification Program
Awaken to Your Higher Self

A Spiritual Intuitive Life Coaching Certification.

SONIA ILLESCAS, Spiritual Teacher Learn the fundamentals of love, faith, gratitude & forgiveness through A Heart-Centered Coaching Certification Program Awaken to Your Higher Self; Awaken Your Intuition A Spiritual Intuitive Life Coaching Certification.

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Do you feel guided to: Serving Others· Answering Your Calling .Helping Heal and Serving in Love. Our spiritual life coaching certification will help you release what no longer serves you, provide an attunement and integrate spiritual hands on everyday practices to help create a platform for you and your practice. You are struggling with your own challenges. You feel out of sorts as if you don’t’ fit in. You love helping others, but don’t how. Through our program, you will learn how to become a Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach through these classes:

Class 1: Tap into sabotaging limited beliefs · Begin to release what no longer serves you · Discuss your soul’s purpose · Let go of the past · Understanding Your Spiritual Awakening. Who are you? Are you a healer? Are you a Lightworker?

Class 2: Work with your Energy: Create a Spiritual Toolbox · Opening Chakras · Cracking open the Heart Chakra · Opening the third eye · Connecting Heart and Mind chakras · Third Eye Opening · Heart Chakra Healing · Learn to see auras · Light Body & Life Force Activations · Activation and living in the Christ/Buddha Consciousness within Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Gratitude · Working with the I AM Presence – Invoking the Violet Flame · Working with the elements to activate the medicine wheel with help from your guides · Learn to use sacred evocations, affirmations and mantras

Class 3: Discuss Psychic Energy Protection 101: · Setting Boundaries · Shielding, Cutting Cords, Grounding · Sacred Geometry & Symbols · Surrender & Trust · We will learn to read energy and distinguish if those are our emotions · Higher State of Meditation · Using Mantras, Crystals and Essential Oils · Shadow Work – Doing the inner work · For those who are ready we will work on Activating Your Merkabah & Kundalini

Class 4: Everyday Spiritual Practice: · Preparing Your Sacred Space · We will become open to what the universe is trying to say to us; · Synchronicities; We will learn how to listen and speak to the universe. · We will be able to utilize our intuitive skills and start feeling confident in all areas of our life. We will stand in our empowerment and be in alignment with Source · Practice Intuitive Readings on other students, practice Intuitive readings on my clients

Class 5: Meeting Your Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels: · Meeting your Guardian Angel · Calling in on Spiritual Backup · Meeting Your Higher Self · Calling in the Angelic Realm; Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubs · Calling in your Spiritual Council · Practice Intuitive Readings on their Soul Fingerprint, practice group readings

Class 6: Working with the Law of Attraction: Universal Laws. Which Clair are you? ·Using your Psychic Senses ·The benefits of meditation and breath work Go over Soul Contracts, Akashic Records ·Manifesting with the Angels ·What raises your vibration and what lowers your vibration? Karma vs Dharma ·3D, three-dimensional reality vs the higher frequency of 5D ·Understanding the difference between kindred spirits, soulmates & understanding the ·Twin Flame journey ·Love vs EGO ·Distorted vs Sacred Divine ·Practice Face-to-face Intuitive Readings in person Class Begins with an Angelic Attunement What is an Angelic Attunement? It is a process through which certain high frequency energy (Angelic Reiki and Symbols) are imprinted upon or placed into your energy body by a Healer. This frequency becomes one with you and you receive a permanent energetic upgrade, making you a clearer and more powerful channel for spirit. During the process, you also release energies that are not in alignment with the new pure energies you have received. This attunement grounds the energies of the Divine Angelic Realm with the six archangels into your energy field and into your life! After receiving this attunement, you will feel more supported and empowered by these beloved archangels! An attunement is thought to clear blockages and redistribute the flow of energy, and it can take some time to grow accustomed to this.

About your Spiritual Teacher Sonia Prado-Illescas Join Intuitive Psychic, Holistic Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Sonia Prado-Illescas for a 6-part online class as you awaken your Life Force Energy and Psychic Senses. Sonia is highly-skilled at helping individuals on their spiritual awakening journeys. She guides students toward inner healing and their divine path to self-love and self- empowerment. Students learn different techniques for how to help others.

Sonia is an experienced Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Teacher. Her passion is to assist her students in harnessing their intuitive voice within. This class is unique as Sonia has the ability to tap into each student at an energetic level to further assist them with releasing what no longer serves them and fine tune their gifts. Sonia’s intuitive and psychic connection to the Angelic Realm is one of her key strengths and works as a vessel to allow the students’ guides to do all the energy work. In this course, Sonia prepares students to build a strong foundation for their spiritual practice and intuitive development. Students must complete all 6 sessions to receive certification.

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Awakened Wisdom:
Spiritual Guidance with the Angelic Realm

Becoming a Healer with Archangel Raphael; Healing you and others Channeling with Archangel Gabriel; Communicating with your angels and sharing their messages. Psychic Protection with Archangel Michael; Clearing you and others Mediumship with Archangel Azrael; Connect with your loved ones in heaven Spiritual & Life Coaching Package: 5D Awakened Consciousness with the Angelic Realm

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“My life’s purpose is to motivate, inspire and empower people and organizations to live their highest calling in the context of mindfulness, love and forgiveness. I’ve been coaching and training for the last 15 years of my life and have built an entire coaching platform where together, we’ve been able to successfully coach people to get past their roadblocks and create massive success, joy, and prosperity in their lives!”

-Sonia Prado- Illescas

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