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I AM Life

Do I Need a Life Coach? Life Coach Meaning

About Sonia

Sonia is a third-generation Empath, Intuitive, Psychic Medium, and Holistic Healer

She brings all these gifts to her work as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. Her lineage of strong, empowered Divine Women allows her to give multi-faceted readings from the Angelic Realm that are imbued with sacred Divine Light. By connecting her clients’ subconscious behaviors to their conscious thoughts through Divine Light, she imparts the timeless spiritual wisdom that their Souls and their Spiritual Teams are communicating.

Sonia also serves as a Meditation Teacher and is in gratitude to have taught classes at Soul Bliss Studio in Barrington, on-going meditation workshops at the Elk Grove Park District, and weekly Intuitive Readings at the Quest Book Store of Wheaton. She is dedicated to the growth and evolution of mindfulness and human consciousness. Her message embodies faith, love, compassion and forgiveness.

In 2018, her calling is to teach 1,000 people to meditate.

Sonia's ABILITIES To strengthen and focus her God-given gifts, Sonia has been through rigorous psychic development training:

Here main psychic skill sets are:

· Clairvoyance –The ability to see pictures, visual images, and symbols that cannot be seen with the physical eyes. Sonia sees visions that Divine shows her through her “like a movie” through her third eye. Words and images from the Divine often appear to Sonia, as well—meant to be shared with her clients.

· Clairaudience – Sonia has the ability to channel Guides, Angels, Intergalactic Beings, and other High Vibrational Benevolent Spirits. As a Psychic Medium, she will often receive messages from your Spiritual Team, which is comprised of your loved ones, your angels, and your Spirit Guides.

Sonia is particularly adept at sensing past life karmic soul contracts, vows of poverty, father abandonment pain, toxic relationships, Etheric cords that need to be cut, energies and auras that need to be cleared, and other forms of negative attachment that can keep a person stuck in habitual self-destructive habits.

She understands that she is a channel for Divine. Her abilities shift her clients’ mindsets from fear, distrust, and self-doubt to compassion, faith, and gratitude. This shift allows people to use their own abilities to take personal responsibility over their lives and understand that every person on a journey is here to teach a lesson or give a blessing—sometimes both—and the lessons must be learned before  

What Makes Spiritual Coaching Unique?

“Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach enabled me to realize my life’s purpose—to help others. After my mother’s passing in 2014, I felt that I had lost my purpose. Longing to find my path again, I met Julia Moustafhim. Julia was both a blessing and my life’s lesson; she is my Earth Angel. Taking her course changed my life. Once I realized that everything that has happened for me and not to me, I knew that I am a survivor, not a victim. This allowed me to work through my own issues while learning the skills I needed to help uplift others. I will forever be grateful for the impactful experience that Julia bestowed upon me. Now, I freely pursue my calling as a Spiritual Life Coach without any restrictions and with an open heart. I know first-hand that the stumbles I have taken have only made me more compassionate, enabling me to help others with their life’s journeys. In  gratitude for meditation, for my gifts, understanding I am a vessel for giving others clarity through intuitive readings.


Corporate & Personal Coaching

Why a Corporate Life Coach?

  • You are feeling stuck and need help moving into the right direction 
  •  You need guidance integrating both your personal and business values to make both more fulfilling
  • You need help with accountability
  • You could use somebody who has experience to bounce ideas off
  • You are looking to manage stress and balance work and life  

Personal Life Coaching

 Life Coaching is defined by its practice and its results. Coaching leads to  empowering a person or group to fully live out their calling.  

  Top Life Coaching topics include:  

  • Making significant personal changes
  • Improving relationships
  • Finding meaning 

Corporate Life Coaching

Sonia Illescas, Business and Personal Life Coach for individual and owners of businesses and key executives focusing on effective management skills and strategic thinking.

Sonia is a former owner of I-Marketing Strategies and Marketing Director in the Financial Services Industry in Chicago. She has over 17 years’ experience in CEO sales leadership and executive positions both in the Corporate and Financial Services Industry.

I AM Life Coaching provides a wealth of selling skills, sales strategy, sales management and social media support.

Sonia brings unparalleled vision, practical insights and passionate stories for growing companies through building relationships, partnerships and effective leadership results to her audience.  

Life Coaching is defined by its practice and its results. Coaching leads to empowering a person or group to fully live out their calling.

  Take a look at these characteristics:  

  • Coaches don’t talk, they listen.
  • Coaches don’t give information, they ask questions.
  • Coaches don’t offer ideas, they generate ideas from clients.
  • Coaches  don’t share their story, they tap into the client’s experience.
  • Coaches don’t present solutions, they expand the client’s thinking.
  • Coaches don’t give recommendations, they empower clients to choose.

Intuitive readings Session with Sonia


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If you're feeling stuck in the following Life areas:  life purpose, career, lifestyle and relationships. 

Then please request a 15 minutes session.

Distant Energy Clearing


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Why do you need a Clearing?

Doing an  energy clearing releases what no longer serve you. Due to low vibration energies that get stuck in our energy field. This sometimes give us the illusion of feeling fatigued, sad or lonely. 

- Any blockages in your chakras

- Clearing of your auric field

-Cutting Cords Etheric Cords of relationships that do not serve your higher conscience

*Each service can be purchased separately for $22

Mindful Monday! Guided Meditation Conference Call


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On Mindful Mondays we will discuss your journey in life and then enter into a guided meditation together. Consistent meditation will change your experience of life. These weekly groups will give you new ways to make connections, get rejuvenated and transform your life experience.

Every Monday, join Spiritual Life Coach and Meditation Teacher, Sonia Illescas from anywhere via conference call for a guided healing meditation.This Inner Zen meditation combines periods of silence and precise instruction allowing you to tap into a powerful energy for transformation. Sonia is a trained meditation facilitator with experience facilitating meditation for groups. 

Inner Zen Awareness & Healing
Meditation Conference Call
When: Every Monday
Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Where: Telephone Conference
Cost: $20 in advance payable via
Call in information will be sent to you!
Please Note: 3 Person Minimum for call to take place. 

Menu / Price List

I AM Life Coaching agrees to (1) face-to-face appointment a week and (1) phone conference call a week if client would like two sessions a week. *Bronze and Gold packages include unlimited e-mail access, phone access if something critical comes up.

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