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Can you refer a client? If they purchase a  package you can earn rewards.

I AM Life Coaching Rewards Program

I Am Life Coaching Rewards Program

 Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our rewards program. In gratitude for you and in giving back to the community we would love to offer you a reward when you refer an initial client.

  • $ 100 Reward -When they purchase a personal package, you will receive $100. 
  • $ 500 Reward - When they purchase a corporate package, you will receive $500.

Who needs a personal or life coach?

  • Someone feeling stuck and in need of help moving into the right direction
  • In need of guidance integrating both your personal and business values to   make both more fulfilling
  • Help needed with accountability – you know your job better than anyone   else but sometimes we need a little extra help towards the right direction
  • Needing clarity and can use somebody who has experience to bounce ideas off
  • Struggling with a divorce or break-up and moving on seems impossible
  • Difficulty managing  anxiety, stress and balance work and life
  • Dealing with  grief: coping with the loss of a loved one

Once payment is received and cleared by I AM Life Coaching check will be issued and mailed. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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